About FazTrack

Mission Statement:
To develop and serve our clients with world class custom software application that not only benefit our clients but the entire industry we cater to.

FazTrack Technology, located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, has been serving the home remodeling and residential lighting industry since 2005. Working with various aspects of home remodeling, FazTrack has gained invaluable knowledge that helps retailers, suppliers, contractors and end-users alike, not only in greater Phoenix area and entire Arizona but also worldwide. Our proven order management and cataloging system can come to your aid as a tool that would translate to reduced operating expenses, greater visibility and a great organization management tool. FazTrack has been providing vast array of e-Commerce related services such as web development, shopping cart, internet marketing, measuring and monitoring your greater presence in the social networks and blog spots, and at the same time aiding you in software and database management keeping directly in focus, your entire business model and goals.

How can FazTrack help you?
FazTrack can be viewed as an extended arm of your personal IT software department. Without sacrificing your profit margin by opting for services from typical custom software companies, you can instead enjoy killer (custom) software application that caters to 100% of your own custom business model and yet helps you to retain your desired profitability goals and aspirations. It may be so that you already have in place a pre-existing proven workable system that is working great for you. However, back then, when you were not as big a company, those proven methods were manageable and workable. Now, time has rewarded you and you find yourself in a position in the industry where you need a more robust, heavy duty system in place to meet the higher and ever-increasing challenges of your growing business.

FazTrack can take a look at your existing business model and the documents you have in place and transform those into easy-to-use web-based forms which can be placed for either individuals or departments. Custom reports can be developed for your measuring sticks in the form of PDF®, Excel®, CSV, Text, etc. We also tie your financial software package such as but not limited to Quickbooks®, Fishbowl® or PeachTree® to the custom software application. We also help clients with eCommerce platform that helps you embrace online retail sales. For your convenience, FazTrack has been helping home remodeling and lighting industry by entering thousands of line items in electronic catalog so you can easily access pertinent data with a simple click.

In most cases, there is no hardware necessary on your part nor do you need any expensive full-time software developer for your business. When hiring Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, NetSuite®, SAP®, etc. does not give you a sense of economical and more realistic business decision, you can always seek the alternative: choosing FazTrack for your custom Software in alignment with your overall business model.

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