Cloud Computing

April 2, 2010

Over the past several years the concept of “Cloud Computing” has gained huge popularity. It is like how you use Gmail & Yahoo mail where you don’t worry about installing a software on your PC. You simply use your web browser to access these web appications. You trust Google & Yahoo to host your personal information, right? So much like that, companies like FazTrack have designed Clould Computing based custom web applications to host your business process & data online where you can conduct your business without having a locally installed software. This method is also called “SAS” or Software as a service. You can find out more here. Because this cloud computing model is monthly subscription based, your cost is spread over time and much less compared to if you had to build a custom software application yourself. Companies like FazTrack can also afford to operate this because it generates revenue from offering this platform to multiple companies. This way the clould computing model is sustainable.


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